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Luxury, bespoke, handmade kitchens by Bryan Turner Kitchens

At Bryan Turner Kitchen Furniture we design, build and install beautiful bespoke handmade kitchens to the most uncompromising standards of quality, elegance and refinement.

From first concept to detailed plan to precision handmade craftsmanship, every aspect of the journey to the perfect kitchen is built around you. We take the time to understand your lifestyle, how you will use it, and how you need it to perform, to directly inform how your kitchen is made.

With more than 30 years’ experience, we offer that rare thing; kitchens which speak to the architectural integrity of your home, while being stunning features in their own right.

We treat your kitchen as an investment in your property; another thing to fall in love with, while also complementing and enhancing your everyday.

bryan turner kithens3“There is an inherent poetic quality to creating a new kitchen that only comes when you mix decades of design expertise with honed, 

artisanal craftsmanship. After more than 30 years, I’ll never tire of that magical moment when a client’s vision becomes reality. I’ve never been more excited and passionate about what we do.”


Creating unique, bespoke handmade kitchens

Every single kitchen is made bespoke, by hand, in our Norfolk workshop using both traditional joinery skills as well as modern, innovative techniques.

Our furniture and cabinet makers have learned their trades over many years, bringing a meticulousness, passion and skill into their work in the finest traditions of ‘Made in Britain’.

For that reason, every single material we select has to be of the finest quality and from the most sustainable and responsible sources.

But before a single piece of wood or natural stone has been selected, measured and cut, we bring just as much precision and detail into the design process. Whether you are brimming with ideas, or are starting with a blank sheet of paper, we get to the heart of what you really want in a kitchen. We’ll visit you, we’ll sit down with you, we’ll listen to your vision and we’ll surround you with inspiration, all to achieve that outstanding end result. We think it’s one of our defining strengths.

From sketch to detailed blueprint, we design rooms and then handbuild the furniture - never the other way around.

From the crisp, contemporary and chic to the timeless aesthetic of classical, elegant furniture, at the heart of every Bryan Turner Kitchen is a dedication to creating something truly unique.

Great British furniture making for the 21st Century

We have a history of working first-hand on some of the most exquisite furniture in the world. Our background is in antique furniture restoration, working on everything from museum exhibits to pieces which adorn grand country houses.

Those years of finely tuned skills, of utter dedication to precision and a passion for the aesthetic quality and artistic flair of hand-crafted furniture, is all embedded in our ethos and approach. Just like our forefathers, what we make and design will last for centuries.

From the final sweep of fine sandpaper on a beautiful natural wood grain, to the sumptuous finishing layer of paint or polish, we intuitively understand the materials we work with and know how to bring out their best qualities.

It’s a passion that sets us apart

A truly tailored kitchen to fit any lifestyle and any home

We put you at the centre of kitchen design - your home and your lifestyle. For those who love to entertain, for the serious cooks and for those with busy lives, our kitchens are created to work for you.

We’ve created kitchens for all settings, including sharp, sleek contemporary city homes, grand, opulent country houses and bucolic, pretty country properties. We’ve ranged in tone from stripped back and restrained, to decadent and luxurious, where the kitchen adds a piece of theatre to a home.

Whether it’s generous, flowing and airy spaces to more intimate, arresting and magical rooms, we design kitchens that attend to every detail of your home.

From your first contact with us through to the final installation, we make the process simple, engaging and exciting. Your journey to creating your ultimate dream kitchen should be a joy; we make sure it is just that.



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