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Our reputation for designing and crafting, by hand, the finest bespoke kitchens has grown far beyond our Norfolk workshop. Such has been the demand in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire we have now established our stunning kitchen design studio, created to inspire you and showcase what we do best.

You’ll see first-hand the expert craftsmanship, the quality of materials and the effortless sophistication and utility of our design. From the fine detail of a dovetail joint, to the clear workmanship involved in every piece of furniture and the overall impact of a stunning kitchen, our studio immerses you in inspiration.

We’ll show you how more than 30 years of knowledge, creative flair and honed skill is poured into building every single kitchen around you.

In our architecturally designed studio space, we’ll be more than happy to have a relaxed chat about how we can create a kitchen tailored perfectly to your home and how you live your life. Whether you have an urban, sleek and contemporary home, a characterful and charming cottage or farmhouse, or a grand country property, we create kitchens which work in harmony with their setting.

Located in the centre of the picturesque village of Great Shelford, our design studio is easy to find. Close to the M11 and with ample parking, you can also visit us by rail via the village station.

Working with you to create the perfect handcrafted kitchen 

Our mission is to make the customer’s journey to the perfect kitchen simple, satisfying, and above all, a complete pleasure.

We don’t do preconceived ideas. Every single Bryan Turner kitchen starts with a blank sheet. 

So we’ll first talk about designing around you. Do you have a passion for cooking or are you someone who loves to host parties and glamorous evening events? Understanding how you will use your kitchen and what you need it to achieve is vital before we even put pencil to paper. 

Our studio is the perfect space to talk and think aloud. What is it about your house and its interior that you love? What kinds of design periods appeal to your personal aesthetic and how is this reflected in your personality? Your thoughts on colour, texture, shape and form, as well as utility and practicality all combine to give us some core principles on which to base design, of course we recommend seeing you in your home, but if you are looking to see what we are all about then come and visit.

From first sketch to precision installation of your kitchen, you are embedded at every stage of the creative process

What we do goes beyond plain customer service.

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A truly bespoke kitchen company in Cambridge 

For our bespoke kitchen design, we source only the finest quality materials from the most sustainable sources to build our kitchens. Our own craftsmen demand nothing less. 

From the elemental raw ingredients of natural stone, metal and wood and to colour palettes and finishing options, we have a huge range of samples at our design studio to feed your inspiration. We can also advise of the best performing and most stylish appliances on the market today. And if there’s anything else you really want, we can source it for you.

When we talk about creating bespoke kitchens in Cambridge, we mean that special alchemy of superior materials, creative, ingenious design, and precision, handmade craftsmanship, all with the customer’s vision foremost. 

The result is something genuinely unique and genuinely exceptional.  How do you describe perfection? With a Bryan Turner kitchen, you’ll know it when you see it.

Book your one-to-one handmade kitchen consultation 

We love talking all things kitchen and we can’t wait to get started with you. Book an appointment at our design studio for a coffee and a chat or we’re more than happy to start the conversation over the phone. From first contact we’ll be firing your imagination right through to final installation.

To book your appointment or to find out how we can meet your requirements, phone: 01223 641050
Or drop us an email:

Visit our design studio and see us and our work in person:
De Freville House
High Green
Great Shelford
CB22 5EG