Miele Cookers & Appliances

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A hallmark of quality is durability. Our kitchens are handmade to last.

For that reason, we recommend our kitchens are fitted with appliances from manufacturers who share our values and passion for uncompromising standards and obsessive quality control.

For decades now, Miele has been a world leader in manufacturing household appliances. They have garnered a global following — not through glossy advertising or gimmicks, but through a hard-earned reputation for making high performance products with reliability built-in. Their philosophy of ‘immer besser’ or ‘continuous improvement’ is indicative of German engineering’s famed culture of excellence.

If you would like some recommendations or one of our team to help you with selecting the right product for your kitchen or lifestyle, then please call the team on 01953 601567, we are happy to walk you through the decision making process. 

 Miele is the only manufacturer which tests their products for 30,000 service hours, refining and fine-tuning to make each appliance bulletproof. And that’s without mentioning Miele’s industry leading warranty and aftercare. 

Whether you are a masterchef or not, the cooking appliance is a key element of any kitchen. Miele builds ovens and range cookers of true professional quality, from inset ovens which have the very latest digital features, to full range cookers which bring the ultimate culinary flexibility in one package. 

At Bryan Turner we highly recommend exploring what Miele cooking appliances can offer your kitchen.

miele range cooker


Miele Range Cookers

Needless to say, when Miele decided to enter the range cooker market, it went out to make the very best models available in the marketplace.


First and foremost, they offer the precision cooking normally reserved for professional kitchens, where results are consistent every single time.


That combines with ultra-modern features including touch controls, temperature probe technology ensuring you know when food is perfectly cooked, optimised oven moisture control, gourmet warming drawer and self cleaning.


The range cookers come in two sizes, offering a range of dual fuel or fully electric options. You can choose your cooking configurations including a wok burner and four different grill options including griddle, chargrill and teppanyaki plate.



Miele range cookers also offer many practical features which show fantastic attention to detail. The hob has a completely sealed top meaning there is no place for grease to build up like in some competitor ranges. The cooking grids are dishwasher safe and the top has high sides meaning spillages are contained.

This is precision, state-of-the-art kitchen technology in a range cooker package and something completely unique to the marketplace. With a sleek, refined stainless steel finish, the range cookers would complement a whole range of kitchen styles. 

These are ranges built to be used and Miele has put the user at the heart of design. Those same principles apply to the creation of a Bryan Turner kitchen. 

That’s why we think a Miele range cooker is well worth considering for your new kitchen.


Miele Ovens

Miele ovens offer that combination of performance and advanced functionality that you would expect from an industry leader.


Engineered to provide precise and predictable cooking results, Miele ovens are augmented with a host of easy-to-use technical wizardry which make them a joy to use.


Automatic cooking functions take the uncertainty out of cooking a whole range of foods, while a temperature probe ensures a perfectly cooked end result. Humidity in the oven can also be controlled, ensuring that loaf or pizza has that tempting crusty finish.


You can even hook your oven up to your smartphone where an in-built camera allows you to check on your food even when you aren’t in the room. You can control your cooking remotely, ensuring your slow cooked stew is ready when you walk in the door.

Like with the range cookers, the self cleaning function makes maintaining your oven simple. 

 At Bryan Turner we have no hesitation in recommending Miele ovens for your kitchen. 

Miele DA6690 W Cooker Hood 673


Miele suppliers

We can take care of sourcing your Miele appliance for you. We have relationships with a host of suppliers of Miele range cookers and ovens and we will ensure they are ready on time for your kitchen installation. 

We can also help in choosing the specification that will work for you, while ensuring your appliance will fit with the overall design of your kitchen.

If you decide to opt for a Miele appliance we can take the heavy lifting out of the whole process.