Finishing Touches For Luxury Kitchens

February 26th, 2014

One of the great things about having a luxury kitchen designed and fitted is that you can make sure every little detail reflects the way you use your room, and how you like to prepare and cook your food (or if you like to avoid cooking all together).  

Because Bryan Turner kitchens are planned, designed and crafted from scratch, no two are the same, and there are virtually no limitations. Seek inspirations from other kitchens you’ve seen, and from your designer’s previous work. If there is a problem you want a find a solution for that you haven’t seen before it doesn’t mean there isn’t a something which can be done, it might just be that other people haven’t considered it a problem before. Discuss any concerns and the way you use your kitchen at the beginning of the project so your designer can create the best possible space for you.

Make great use of every space  

Most rooms have a little corner or area which you just can’t work out how to use. By planning with your kitchen designer you can make sure that these spaces get used. A corner near your oven could be used for a corner cabinet. You could put some open shelving in for your recipe books, or you could request corner drawers. These are chevron shaped at the front so they appear to be two sets of drawers whilst closed, but pull out to reveal one big roomy set which can be used to store all the bits and pieces you use while cooking.

If you don’t like having things out on your work surfaces, your kitchen design can accommodate for this. A simple appliance garage can built in to hide away your kettle and your toaster, making them easily accessible when you need them but tucked out of sight the rest of the time. Luxury kitchens doesn’t need to look as if they are full the latest gadgets unless you want them to. A simple tambour door can be used as a cover.

In fact, if you want to hide anything at all, you can. Pop up power sockets can hide away your electrics, and tidy integrated spaces can make sure that everything has its space. Built in cutlery drawers will be higher quality and longer lasting, as well as a better fit than the ready-made dividers you can buy. Spice cabinets are a narrow cupboard which you’d probably want to be placed near your cooking space. You can buy wall mountable or counter versions, but they might not fit in with the other wood and styles you’ve selected.

Those little details

Not everyone wants all their utensils and tools hidden away of course; you might want to showcase yours. Instead, choose open storage so you can see your crockery and glassware. Wine shelves can ensure that your favourite drinks and beautiful bottles are visible and stored properly. With well fitted luxury kitchens there is no need to rummage at the back of dusty cupboards ever again.

If you regularly make breakfast in bed or like to sit and eat a meal in front of the television from time to time, you probably use a tray every now and then. They’re a bit of an awkward object to find a home for. Rather than dumping them in a corner or trying to squeeze them into precious drawer space, you can have a space built into your luxury kitchen design specifically for them. A logical place is somewhere near your cooker where you tend to serve up your meals. Build in racking for your plates just above and your cutlery in a drawer below and you’ll have everything you need on hand.

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