Getting To Know Kitchen Styles

February 19th, 2014

When you’re deciding on bespoke kitchen furniture, the style will play a major factor in both the concept and the look of the end product. Do you want to go for the traditional, the contemporary, or a combination of the two?

The great thing about custom made furniture is that it doesn’t need to conform to the norm. As a starting point though, have a look at some kitchen styles. You can take elements from different styles to end up with your perfect room, complete with bespoke kitchen furniture.

Traditional Styles


Shaker kitchens have their origins in the religious breakaway movement, ‘Shakers’. They are as well known (if not more so) for their simple hand crafted furniture as they are for their religion.

These kitchens are very traditional, but as they’re so simple, they’ll suit all sorts of different types of property. The clean lines are not too far removed from contemporary kitchen styles.

Defining features of Shaker kitchens include panelled unit doors without complex mouldings. Simplicity is the overarching theme. Painted finishes or natural woods are all suitable.



Country kitchens are all about comfort and cosiness. They look warm and inviting, and they’re the kind of room that you want to spend time in. You might opt for some open shelves and dressers so that your crockery is on display, and most importantly, accessible.

Country kitchens are designed to be use, so not only are they warm and homely, they are also practical. They’re the perfect for people who love to cook. You’ll normally see a solid wooden dining table in here to complete the farmhouse look.

To keep things traditional, you might choose to store your more modern gadgets in a separate utility room, or hide them behind handmade cabinet doors.

A range style oven wouldn’t look at out of place, and will give you a residual warmth throughout the year, keeping everything warm and cosy.




Contemporary kitchens embrace the modern and gadget filled side of kitchen design. Expect to see glossy rich wooden finishes and all the latest high tech appliances. There’s no need to hide these away in a contemporary kitchen; they become part of the design.

Opt for floor-to-ceiling cabinets to keep your surfaces clutter free.

Islands are also a prominent feature of a contemporary kitchen, so if you’ve got room, feel free to include one in your design.

For the perfect contemporary kitchen, design around the things you use so that everything has a place.

In terms of contemporary bespoke kitchen furniture, cabinets are unframed which gives them the appearance of floating. Doors are flat and handle free. Smooth and minimalist lines come into play.


Remember that your kitchen is a part of a bigger picture

It’s easy to become a bit overwhelmed when you’re making your decisions, but you should try to keep the overriding theme of your home into account, so that the rooms are no longer detached areas but spaces which flow naturally together. If, for example, you live in a Grade two listed building which was built two hundred years ago, and in the living spaces you’ve tried to stay true to this, you probably shouldn’t choose a chrome filled contemporary kitchen.

If you keep functionality and style in mind, you shouldn’t go far wrong. You can always take elements of the different styles to create the ideal kitchen for you.

If you’re not quite sure which type of kitchen will be most suitable for you and your home, speak to your designer. They’ll be able to give you guidance, as well as showing you previous kitchens they have produced. When buying bespoke kitchen furniture you want to make sure you make the right choices and end up with your perfect space.

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