How To Start Planning Your Dream Luxury Kitchen

January 21st, 2014

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a brand new luxury kitchen, so we’ve produced this brief guide on some places to start, including thinking about different layouts and how you’ll use your kitchen. One of the most important things that you should consider when thinking about getting a brand new luxury kitchen is the layout. For larger rooms, there’s no need to stick with your existing layout if you don’t think it’s making the most of the space, though be aware of limitations such as the positions of power and plumbing points, windows and doors.

Popular Kitchen Layouts

A good starting point is looking at some of the most popular kitchen layouts, known as I, L or C.

The I shaped kitchen, or single galley kitchen, is often used in open plan apartments or high end open lofts, both conserving space and creating a sense of openness as a lot of floor space is left open for use. Closely related to the single galley kitchen is the double galley kitchen, which as it suggests comprises of two rows of kitchen counters facing eachother, commonly found in Victorian-era terrace houses. This type of kitchen is ideal if you have a long but narrow kitchen space and are unable to knock down any walls to make more room, however be wary of this layout if your kitchen is going to lead on to another room, as constant through traffic can become very annoying to whoever’s cooking!

Meanwhile, L shaped luxury kitchens are great for larger spaces, with two rows of kitchen cabinets set against a right angle. One of the benefits of this kitchen is the amount of space left in the middle, which can be filled in with a multi-use table top or island counter. These add extra space for food preparation, a breakfast bar, and can even be kitted out with power points or a wine cooler. Alternatively, the hob could even be placed in a central island along with a ceiling mounted extractor fan, giving the chef an unobscured view into the rest of the room. 
















Another popular layout commonly used in larger luxury kitchens is the C or U shaped kitchen, which have three rows of kitchen counters against three walls of the room. This is perfect for busy chefs who need things close to hand, or if the kitchen is going to be used by several people at once. If your kitchen space is particularly large, an island can also be incorporated providing even more food preparation space, or as an eating or socialising area. 















The Golden Triangle

Another important thing to consider for your luxury kitchen is how you’ll be using it. What kinds of meals do you typically make and what utensils and equipment do you mostly use? How many people are usually in the kitchen at one time? Do you mostly cook with the oven, hob, or do you often reheat food in the microwave on weeknights when cooking a full meal may be inconvenient?
















The reason why this is all worth considering is because you’ll want your kitchen to help you perform your most frequent activities by laying out frequently used appliances and equipment in a ‘golden triangle’, making it easier to access these items quickly. For example if you love making fry-ups for breakfast you may want a cupboard on one side of the hob to contain all your pots and pans, and above that have a draw containing your utensils like spatulas. Or perhaps if you often reheat food you’ll probably want your microwave to be as close to your fridge as possible, making it easier to transfer food. Essentially, you want all your commonly used within reach in a triangle.

Get The Right Amount Of Storage Space

One of the best features of a bespoke, luxury kitchen is that you can have your cabinets, drawers and storage areas tailored exactly to fit your cutlery, plates, drinks or food. For example, at Bryan Turner Kitchens we’ve fitted cupboards with tailor made crockery racks, cutlery drawers and wine racks:



















It’s not just about how you store all your equipment and utensils, its also about how much you store. Sometimes it can be all too tempting to have your new luxury kitchen designed to store all your cooking equipment that you don’t necessarily need, for example that old fondue set that’s only been used once. It’s worth looking through all the appliances you own and chucking out things you no longer use. You may find that in your new kitchen you can cut down on cupboard space and instead use the saved floorspace for a breakfast bar or dining table.

The Next Steps

After coming up with some initial ideas, speak to an expert kitchen designer. They’ll help you work on your initial ideas, turn them into plans and work with you to create a design that you’ll love!

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