Where to save and where to splurge on your luxury kitchen

February 11th, 2014

Planning brand new luxury kitchens is a really exciting time. It’s something you’ll be using for years to come, and you’re likely to spend a lot of time there. You might eat, cook, prepare food, socialise or read the newspaper in this space, so it will need to be a space you enjoy. It’s really important to make sure everything is just right, and there’s no niggling details that will begin to frustrate you.  

Are you starting from scratch or are you working around some existing kitchen accessories? If you’re updating an existing kitchen now is a great time to have a thorough detox of all the pots and pans you never use, replacing quantity with quality. The more things you have, the more crowded your cabinets are likely to be, and once it’s out of sight you probably won’t think about it (or get rid of it either).

By making sure you only hang on to the things you actually use, you can get rid of any clutter, and your kitchen can even be planned around small appliances which are used frequently. Things which you use very rarely, like a cake tin which comes out about once a year can be placed high up in cupboard, and tucked out the way, while beautiful crockery can be placed in a glass fronted cabinet so even when it’s not used you’re still able to appreciate it.

Always consider your budget. Even though you’re getting a luxury kitchen, there will still be constraints. There are areas where you can scrimp to bring down costs, and there are also areas where you can – and should – spend more. Think about the things you’ll be using most, which will need to be hardwearing, and which will have a high impact on the aesthetics of your space.

You should invest in high quality bespoke cabinets which can be made to suit your taste as well as your room. They don’t all have to be the same, and if you’re going for a particular statement look, you may want to place this as a focal point, and therefore somewhere you’ll look as you enter the room. For the rest of your cabinets you shouldn’t compromise on quality, but you don’t need to use the same materials.

Again, kitchen countertops are a mark of quality luxury kitchens. They’ll be used all the time, and you’ll want them to last, and possibly most important, you’ll want them to look great. Marble is a classic choice, but it isn’t your only one. There are plenty of other materials you can look into, and they can easily become a feature all of their own. And just like your cabinets, you don’t have to just pick one. You could, for example, choose a granite surface for the edges of your room where you’ll be preparing food, and a thick wooden counter for your island or breakfast bar.

Your fridge can either be built into a cabinet and hidden out of sight, or can become a feature all of its own. Think about how much food you’ll be keeping in there, and whether your family is going to be growing, as this can make a difference to your choices. A compact fridge will be fine for two, but for a family, you might need something a bit bigger.

When it comes to flooring, you can often opt for a high quality vinyl rather than real stone or tiles. They’ll be hardwearing, much cheaper, and also warmer underfoot.

Finally remember that when making your decisions for your brand new luxury kitchen, think of your long terms needs and not just the immediate. The high quality cabinets and appliances you choose are built to last, and the longer they’re still suitable for you, the better value you’ve received.

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