The traditional walk in pantry of the Victorian era was known for its grandiose proportions and was lined, floor to ceiling, with C shaped shelves to maximise storage. Pantries were much cooler than kitchens, making them the perfect place to store fruit and vegetables and prolong their shelf life.  

With the development of modern, modular kitchens, design changed and the humble pantry fell out of fashion. Replaced instead by kitchens featuring fitted wall and floor mounted cabinets which wrapped around the perimeter walls of the room, with worktops between.

Although this layout is still popular today, kitchen designers and customers alike are rediscovering the charm of the pantry. 

The Butler’s Pantry is a modern twist on the classic walk in design. Usually taking the form of a standalone unit, or as a designated in-built cabinet in the kitchen, the Butler’s Pantry sometimes maintains its characteristic C shaped shelves, but has cast off its Victorian proportions.

The more compact Butler’s pantry allows for quicker access to stored goods, and works particularly well in kitchens with distinct ‘zones’. For instance, the most popular use for a Butler’s Pantry is as a breakfast cupboard. All bespoke Bryan Turner Butler’s Pantries are designed with a worktop within the cabinet and built in plug sockets to allow our customers to prepare their breakfasts with the simple opening of a cupboard door.

Cereals, honey, dried fruit, coffee, tea, bowls and mugs can all be stored in one place in the kitchen, right above your coffee machine or food blender. This allows for a much more logical layout to the kitchen, and is designed to make grabbing a morning coffee quicker and easier if you’re running late.

An added bonus of the Butler’s Pantry is its ability to hide clutter. Using bi-fold doors on the cabinet allows full access to the built in worktop and appliances, so you can be cutting up your morning bagel one minute, and if the doorbell should ring, simply shutting the doors immediately makes the kitchen feel less cluttered.  

For kitchens with limited space and fans of open plan living, the Butler’s Pantry is a great way to discretely and conveniently store food stuffs and appliances. If however, you have the room for it, there really is nothing that can beat the air of luxury and sophistication brought to a kitchen with the addition of a walk-in pantry. 

Often situated next to, or directly off from the kitchen, the walk in pantry offers quick access to pots, pans and bulk bought items which are often difficult to store in the kitchen. Modern takes on the traditional walk in pantry include a worktop in the pantry itself, allowing you to store and use kitchen appliances without having to get them out of a cupboard every time they are needed, and put them away afterwards. It is also worth incorporating a small sink and tap into your walk in pantry design, allowing you to wash and prepare food before it is brought through to the kitchen to be cooked.

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