Having a stylish kitchen isn’t just about the hardware – although stylish cabinets are essential for a great look, of course. Actually, they’re the important part, but it’s the little touches too that can make all the difference.

Consider splashbacks, for instance. You can have them as a ‘stand out’ feature or something muted that blends in with your tasteful chalk-painted wooden cabinetry.

Here are some ideas of what’s fashionable in splashback design right now. Most apply to kitchens that are looking for their splashbacks to ‘wow.’ But not all are. The copper sheeting idea, for instance, makes a visual statement, but it’s muted, in the sense it’s not too ‘in your face.’

Firstly, although the following splashback ideas are decorative and fun, importantly the actual splashbacks themselves are all durable. And that’s essential because, when it comes down to it, the main function of your splashback is to withstand all that hot spitting oil, steam, splashing and liquid in general that ends up on it when you’re cooking or preparing food.

Splashbacks that make a visual statement

Timber cladding

Timber cladding looks perfect in a Shaker-style kitchen in particular – especially if it’s painted the same shade as the cabinets. Timber cladding provides a feeling of warmth, as well as character, to any kitchen. If you do opt for timber cladding then make sure you use eggshell or similar paint so that it’s easy to wipe down should the inevitable occur (i.e steam, splashes etc).

Exposed brick

Great for an Industrial décor style, exposed brick can be ‘warmed up’ with colourful cabinets in a sophisticated ocean blue or country green shade. One way to achieve exposed brick splashbacks is to strip back the plaster. If you don’t fancy that though, you can buy brick slips and stick them on as you would tiles. Just make sure you give the bricks a coat of sealant once they’re up to make sure you can wipe stains etc off easily.

Glass panels

Yes, these have been around for a number of years now, but there’s a reason for that – they work perfectly as a splashback. The great thing about glass is that it comes in numerous shades and patterns. It’s also incredibly durable. Use it plain or in a bold style. Another plus for glass splashbacks is that they’re easy to put up – simply peel off the adhesive backing and place.

Metallic sheets

In copper, silver, gold and various other metallics, this type of splashback can really add a luxury touch to an otherwise plain kitchen. Copper and brass look terrific with colours such as burgundy, yellow and royal blue in particular. Like glass splashbacks, these metal sheets are easy to attach, thanks to their simple adhesive backing.

Groutless tiles

Yes, it’s possible to have ‘tiles’ as a backsplash but without the hassle of having to routinely clean the grout (it gets dirty so easily). The way to do this is to affix alloy splashbacks or similar. These are digitally printed boards which resemble a tiled look. They’re fire and scratch resistant so perfect for using as a splashback solution. And, better still, they’re available in a whole range of different colours and patterns.

Farmhouse style

Get a  splashback by affixing plain tiles and adding decals to them in the form of bees, flowers, dragonflies etc. This is a pretty touch for a traditionally-styled kitchen with an Aga, rustic tiled flooring and sweet checked curtains – you get the idea.

Kitchen wallpaper

Get splashbacks that resemble kitchen wallpaper but are so much easier to clean and affix in the first place. This type of wallpaper, which can withstand a whole range of different ‘attacks’ such as food splashes, steam and even heat, are available on the market today. And better still, they come in a fantastic range of patterns and colours – pretty much everything to suit anyone.

DIY tiles

If there’s an artist in the family then you may just like to try out some very personalised ceramic kitchen tile designs. Designer Annie Sloan has brought out a great range of chalk paints which are perfect for painting tiled kitchen splashbacks. Colours available include Napoleonic Blue, Athenian Black and Scandinavian Pink. And, if you don’t fancy these shades – or others in the Annie Sloan range - then you can always invest in special tile paints.

Zig Zag splashbacks

So far, we’ve talked about texture, colours and styles but haven’t exactly mentioned shape. So that’s why we’ve introduced the idea of zig zag splashbacks. Instead of laying your subway tiles horizontally, you could always do them vertically and at an angle. Either that or you can invest in specially created zig zig tiles to give you a beautiful herringbone pattern on your walls. Or any pattern you like, for that matter. Have fun!

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