Alburgh Road

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Design Highlights

Deliberately contrasting the ancient structure of this rare ‘Great Barn’ This modern kitchen utilizes the spacious interior and works in harmony with it. A series of shaped islands broadly in a horseshoe shape sit out in the centre of the room allowing the glorious Norfolk Red brick walls to describe the magnificence of this room.

The back wall has a complete façade of cabinets concealing dedicated storage and functionality with Coffee machines and steam ovens. A Large Sub-Zero Fridge, Freezer and wine cabinet puncture this elevation with crisp stainless steel. The whole elevation is framed with a deep Oak coaming.

This forms a backdrop to the table and origami like white dining chairs.

The remainder of the kitchen is designed around a very functional format with cooking and washing together and a separate bar-table island making this space exceptionally social.


Totally stunning chairs like ‘paper aeroplanes.

Work Surface

Stunning ‘African Fusion’ granite was selected. This is a dark mysterious stone with striking quartzite intrusions forming lines and patterns across its surface. This is a very special stone as the surface has a ‘leathered’ texture as if worn smooth in a river bed with slightly undulating features across its surface. Deeply tactile. Everyone loves it.


Polished marble 600mm square tiled with a honed square edge.

Sink and taps

Quooker fusion taps in stainless steel. Instant boiling water, cold filtered water as well as hot and cold running water can be installed. The sink is Kohler Poise 3389, undermounted stainless steel with a double bowl in a sharp architecture style.