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Bryan Turner appliances:

Bryan Turner Kitchen Furniture has a wealth of knowledge of kitchen appliances and we work closely with our customers to make recommendations for what we believe will work best for them. We work with all the appliance companies and have access to the entire appliance marketplace. We have however listed some of the more popular appliances brands below that we work even closer with and prove popular with our customers.


When it comes to all things cooling Sub-Zero stand out at the top of their game. Endorsed by many of the worlds leading chef’s Sub-Zero provide top of the range refrigeration, whether that’s a fridge, freezer, ice dispenser or wine cooler.

Sub-Zero provide a range of their classic models with their iconic stainless-steel doors and handles to the more discreet but just as efficient integrated style.


Miele supply a large range of kitchen equipment including, baking and steam cooking, hobs, cooker hoods, dishwashers, rangers and coffee machines. Miele has been a respected quality brand for decades and their appliances are known for their clean design and reliability.

Reasons to chose Miele are simple; having been founded in 1899 the brand hasn’t forgotten its promise “forever better”. It’s quality is second to none, and they have combined the lowest possible energy consumption without losing any of the products effectiveness, this is the key to Miele products. Whether you desire discreet sensor controls, high-resolution touch display or traditional rotatory switch, Miele can provide appliances that are convenient for you to operate but are still as reliable as ever. 


Bora design high quality surface cookers with discrete extractors that don’t rely on a hood. By automatically taking away the steam and scence of unwanted odours with very little noise.

This is a great option if you don’t like the sight or sound of traditional extractor fans then Bora can give you that clean minimalist look without compromising your extraction efficiency.

Perrin Rowe

When it comes to taps Perrin and Rowe are well known for their quality products. With a vast range of taps in a multitude of different finishes, there is something for the most traditional of designs to the more contemporary fashion. The range includes:

Instant hot water taps in a variety of styles- contemporary, traditional and country with a digital temperature display, anti-scald mechanisms as well as compact tank design. 
Filtered water taps in nickel, chrome, pewter and gold.

Specialist tap designs including pot filler taps, to make life easier the is a short spout facing down so the pot doesn’t get stuck with the tap in it. Available in chrome, nickel, gold and pewter.


Westin provide stylish and efficient cooker hoods in various shapes, sizes and specifications. Westin extractor hoods can be made to any size to suit your kitchen and home.

From ceiling hoods, built in over the hob, worktop solutions, island hoods, wall mounted and remote motors.

Classic Sub-Zero

This is the most iconic of the Sub-Zero range with the classic Sub-Zero design, this range are available with wrapped stainless doors, internal or external ice dispensers and a choice of handle styles.

Integrated Sub-Zero

All the benefits of the exceptional appliances yet Bryan Turner Kitchen Furniture merge them seamlessly into the room’s décor. Our bespoke approach allows us to create custom cabinetry and hardware, and give you the options for drawers, columns or taller units to suit our customer’s needs.

Professional Sub-Zero

If you’re really serious about your food and cooking then the ultimate in Sub-Zero appliance is the professional range. It is just that the range that top chefs and restaurants around the world turn too.

Sub-Zero Wine storage

Sub-Zero wine storage is much more than just a wine chiller, with a range of  technologies designed to keep you’re wine in its best condition and protect it from to protect wine from its four enemies: light, heat, humidity, and vibration.


The AGA cooker has been around since 1922, they are amazing at keeping the house warm. But sometimes you don’t need to leave it on all the time. That’s why AGA came up with new models to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

Classic AGA cookers, electric, gas/propane and oil are on 24/7.

AGA dual control is run on electric and gas, the oven will always remain on, but the hotplates will turn off.

 AGA total control is electric, and all compartments can be turned off separately. Because agas are made from iron, as it is durable. But also, it cooks using radiant heat which is good for food as it locks in the moisture and doesn’t dry it out or change flavour.

AGA have a many options allowing you to design the AGA that both looks the part and works for how you lead your life.

Bryan Turner can help you find the right AGA for your kitchen.


 These taps don’t only provide you with water but with three different water temperatures. Hot, cold and instant boiling water! 3 in 1. They can be added to with Quooker water filters to give you perfect drinking water at the flick of a switch.

It is child safe as there is a simple child lock to undo to access the boiling water for hot beverages or cooking. 

Washing up has become easier by being able to soak dirty pans in boiling water enabling to get them cleaner faster.

There’s a variety of different colours and shapes to suit your kitchen design. Save room on your work surface by having a 3 in 1 tap to do the hard work.

 For those who like a clean work surface not having or needing a kettle then this is the option for you.

The bespoke element is important and the hoods can be painted to match your kitchen, lights can be moved or re-arranged, lights can be different colours.

At Bryan Turner Kitchen Furniture we have worked closely alongside Westin, to create some really stylish and efficient extractors, if you’d like to see some examples please just ask.