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At Bryan Turner Kitchens, we believe every room in your home deserves the same meticulous attention to detail and bespoke design as your kitchen. That's why we specialise in custom cabinets for Dressing Rooms, Boot Rooms, Bathrooms, and Utility Rooms, providing you with endless inspiration to create unique, stylish spaces tailored to your needs.

With our expertise in crafting high-quality cabinets and a passion for exceptional design, Bryan Turner Kitchens ensures that every corner of your home is both beautiful and functional. Explore our range of bespoke cabinetry solutions and transform your living spaces with the precision and elegance that define our brand.


Bedrooms are personalised havens designed for individual comfort and style. Tailored solutions include custom furniture, unique storage, bespoke wardrobes and thoughtful layouts, creating an intimate and functional space that aligns with personal preferences.


Bathrooms combine style and functionality, tailored to individual preferences. They optimise space, incorporate luxurious fixtures, and address specific needs, providing a personalized and purposeful experience for homeowners.

Utility Rooms

Utility rooms are crafted to streamline household tasks with tailored storage and efficient layouts. These customised spaces provide practical solutions, combining functionality and organisation for an enhanced and purposeful domestic experience.

Boot Rooms

Boot rooms offer tailored storage solutions for outdoor gear, combining practicality with style. Customised layouts, designated storage spaces, and organisational elements create a functional and inviting entry point for homes.


Pantries provide personalised storage solutions for kitchen essentials. Tailored shelving, efficient organisation, and customised layouts enhance functionality, ensuring a well-organised and stylish space for food storage and preparation.

Study Rooms

Study rooms are tailored to individual needs, offering a personalised environment for focused work and learning. Customised furniture, ergonomic designs, and integrated technology enhance productivity and create a comfortable workspace.

Office Rooms

Office rooms cater to personalised workspaces with tailored furniture, efficient layouts, and integrated technology. Customised designs enhance productivity, providing a comfortable and inspiring environment for professional endeavors.

Wine Rooms

Wine rooms are crafted to store and showcase wine collections, combining functionality with elegance. Customised storage solutions, temperature control, and aesthetic designs create a unique and sophisticated space for wine enthusiasts.


Shops are personalised retail spaces designed to reflect a brand's identity. Tailored layouts, custom displays, and unique atmospheres create an engaging and memorable shopping experience, aligning with the brand's vision.