Storage is an essential in every home to create a clean uncluttered feel. The kitchen is no exception. With a plethora of equipment, food and appliances, storage in the kitchen needs to be carefully considered. The space needs to be utilised effectively because so much goes on in the kitchen, it’s the hub of most homes. You don’t want to compromise on living space therefore, clever storage solutions are a must.

We’re sharing five steps for making the most of your kitchen storage solutions.


1. Use Every Inch of Your Cupboard Space

Many cupboards have a shelf dividing the space into two. However this can leave lots of dead space that could be used more effectively. Consider purchasing additional shelving or savvy storage solutions that allow you to divide cupboard spaces. For example, a spice rack fitted to the inside of a cupboard door is an excellent solution which also serves to make your life easier with each spice clearly visible. 

Under sink storage is notorious for becoming untidy. Using custom built under sink shelving will help store cleaning equipment in an efficient and organised manner.

If you’re thinking you may need to squeeze in an extra kitchen unit, take a minute to consider bespoke cabinetry. Cabinets designed specifically for your requirements and home can save you both money and space. Professional kitchen designers will ensure that cupboards meet your exact specifications which could mean a less cluttered feel, without compromising on storage. 

2. Install a Larder 

Larders are not just a luxury reserved for large spacious kitchens. A larder is actually a perfect solution for a small kitchen. They are an excellent space saving solution since less wall cabinets are required. This serves to open up a smaller space that could potentially feel overcrowded with numerous wall cabinets. A tall larder has an abundance of space to store pasta, condiments, tinned food and small appliances. 

A particularly clever addition to a larder is to have sockets installed on the inside. Not only are your small appliances hidden away but it creates an extra work space. 

3. Use Awkward Corner Space

Corners in kitchens can create a problem; the depth of kitchen units can cause dead space in the corners. One great solution is to install a carousel that opens with the door ensuring that all of the space is utilised and there is no need to climb into the cupboard to reach the back corner. 

Another way to use a corner space efficiently is to add a dresser that sits on top of the work surface. This can serve as a neat tea and coffee making station akin to that found in a luxurious hotel. 

4. Clever Solutions

Kitchen storage is more about maximising than adding more and more cabinets. The desired effect is a clean clear space. If you fill your space with too many cabinets it will feel cluttered. The illusion of more space is best created with plenty of clever solutions. 

Every kitchen needs a kettle, right? Wrong – by installing a boiling tap you no longer need a kettle clearing space on your worktop; as well as benefiting with extra space, a hot water tap is also energy efficient. A food disposal unit in the sink removes the need for a food waste bin, saving further space.

Messy wires can spoil the gorgeous ambience of your kitchen. Rather than leaving unsightly wires draped across the worktop, have sockets installed inside cupboards. Keeping the wires out of sight helps to create a sleek finish to a luxury kitchen. Create a charging space for devices with a coiled wire at the rear of a drawer keeping phones and tablets off the side while they charge.

5. Use Your Island or Breakfast Bar

When picturing their dream kitchen most people envisage an island. The great news is that with clever designs an island won’t only look amazing but it can increase space. An island is a stunning addition and a working island takes your kitchen to the next level. It is an extra food preparation space and you can furnish it with bar stools for additional seating. You’ll finish up with a sociable kitchen and you can utilise the space underneath with large drawers or cupboards.

If you’re pushed for space a breakfast bar can serve a similar purpose to an island. A breakfast bar can be set against a wall. Drawers can be set back leaving a space for bar stools with the bonus of extra storage.

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