You are finally designing your dream kitchen; you’ve been researching and are brimming with ideas. Before you finalise the colour scheme there are a few things that you should take into consideration to ensure that you make the right choice for your space. Experts  states “Colour is the biggest element that’s used in design.  Everything has a colour.  Those cream or white walls that you have, yes, they’re a colour too.” Same goes for your kitchen cabinets, even the most inconspicuous colours will contribute greatly to the overall finish of the room.

With that in mind here are five things to consider when making your colour choices for your cabinets.


1. Natural light

If you are blessed with a light airy kitchen with an abundance of sunlight you can afford to be a little experimental with your cabinet colours. Bright colours will look fabulous in the glorious sunshine and dark colours will not enclose the space. However you should be wary of the effects that sunlight has on strong colours. It is not uncommon for kitchen cabinets basking in sunshine to fade drastically compared to those protected from the sun's UV rays. Sunlight can also change the appearance of colours quite significantly.

A perfect choice is to mix things up with a gorgeous bold accent colour. Choose a light neutral hue for the exposed cabinets and make a feature of the cabinets most protected from the sun. A favourite of ours is a vibrant blue paired with a cool French grey for a sophisticated style with an interesting twist.


2. Don’t focus too much on the current trends

Trends by their very nature come and go. They are often unusual, bright, bold and daring and can be very tempting as, at the time they look fabulous. When you choose a bespoke kitchen from us it is an investment that will form the centre of your home for many years. Don’t be drawn into the latest colour combinations that you may well want to change in a few short years. We want you to love your kitchen every time you walk in. Choosing a timeless colour scheme is the best way to achieve this.

Grey is a very popular colour choice; some might say it is a trend in itself. Due to the subtle tranquil nature of a beautiful grey tone we believe that it is going nowhere. Grey is the perfect base for adding pops of colour with floral arrangements, small appliances and decorative items that can be updated as often as a change is desired. What doesn’t go with grey?


 3. Practicality

As stunning as some finishes and materials are they may not suit your home. Always consider the practicality of your colour choice. A gloss black finish looks stunning but may not stay that way if your kitchen is home to sticky fingers. Dark colours despite what you may believe actually show up marks, smudges and fingerprints.

You will want to consider the type of material that you choose for your cabinets. Solid wood looks exquisite but requires careful maintenance to keep it at its best. Taking care of your kitchen cabinets is key to ensuring your bespoke kitchen stands the test of time and remains as beautiful as the day it was installed.


4. Consider your space

We all dream of a huge kitchen however this isn’t always the reality. More often the key to exceptional kitchen design is making the most of the space. Whether there is a huge footprint with ample cabinets or space is at a premium, colour can make or break the aesthetics. Too much of any colour can leave the room feeling lacking in inspiration. Don’t be afraid to mix it up.

It is a common misconception that light colours equal space and dark colours close in a room. This is not always the case, when designed with care a small kitchen can handle deeper colours. Likewise, just because a kitchen is large and airy it doesn’t mean that all black wouldn’t be overpowering. Balance is a fundamental consideration in creating an appealing kitchen design.


 5. Your style

Finally and possibly most importantly think carefully about your style. Look around your home, what is the overwhelming feel? Is it traditional? Contemporary? Perhaps a mixture? Your dream kitchen should fit seamlessly with your home. Choosing complementary colours or even mirroring design elements from your decor will bring your home together.

If you have an eclectic style your colour choice should reflect this. Different coloured wall and floor cabinets allow for a hint of experimentation showing off your personality. For a traditional country style the obvious choice is natural wood colours. A minimalist will lean towards a clean fresh white or pale grey. It really is your choice. Create a mood board of designs that you love and soon you will visualise your dream kitchen coming alive.

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