Not only are we proud to be a Made in Britain business, but we are extremely proud to use exclusively Ecolabel paints and coatings on our furniture.

Our trade partner, MOVAC, is the first industrial paints and coatings company to achieve the exceptionally stringent Ecolabel accreditation for industrial-use products. Products bearing Ecolabel reflect the best environmental performing products on the market of paints and varnishes.

Under Regulation (EC) No 66/2010, the EU Ecolabel is only awarded to products which have a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle, including minimizing the use of volatile and semi-volatile organic substances in the paint formulation.

Movac’s Ecolabel paints have achieved the highest possible test rating in almost every category – from heat resistance, resistance to oils, fats and markings by liquids; to resistance to wet and dry heat, and mechanical damage. For more information about Ecolabel criteria and product performance, please visit THIS LINK

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