When you prepare your Valentine’s meal in one of our bespoke kitchens you will realise that eating in is the new eating out. We will share some tips to make your Valentine’s meal the best, most enjoyable yet.

To begin with here are six reasons why staying in to celebrate Valentine’s Day is better than going out.


 1. Privacy

You can truly be alone with your loved one. Valentine’s Day is a busy night for restaurants; seating as many couples as possible is in their interest. Unfortunately, this can lead to a bustling environment that is less than private. At home you can enjoy your meal without rubbing shoulders with numerous other happy couples.


 2. No reservations necessary

If time gets away from you and you forget to make a reservation in advance, you are either faced with an undesirable late night sitting or, worse still, an early bird at 5pm. Staying home, you are in control of the cooking. All you need to do is remember to buy the ingredients.


 3. Take your time

On Valentine’s night it’s not uncommon for restaurants to put on extra covers to accommodate increased bookings. Sadly this can mean that you have a short window of time to enjoy your meal. There is nothing less relaxing than feeling like you are on a timer and that the wait staff are waiting for you to vacate the table ready for the next couple.

At home you can savour every bite. You can take a break between courses if you wish and enjoy your food at your leisure with no time limit.


4. Baby it’s cold outside

February is cold and miserable. Who wants to venture out in the cold, wind and rain when you can stay cosy and warm at home?


 5. Dress code optional

When enjoying Valentines Day at home you can get dressed up to give it a sense of occasion or you can eat dinner in your PJs. It is entirely up to you.


6. Have it your way

Another big advantage of cooking your favourite meals at home is that you can make them your own. Perhaps you like a non-traditional side dish? Or an unusual combination. Mix it up, you can serve whatever you choose and no one is there to judge. You are the chef.


How to make a meal of it

Just because you aren’t heading out to a fancy restaurant doesn’t mean your Valentine’s Day meal can’t be superb. Preparing your Valentine’s favourite meal with love will be sure to win some brownie points. Follow these tips to make it a night (or day to remember).


Food speaks the language of love

If you love a little experimental cooking save it for another time. On Valentine’s Day you will want to choose a dish that is not only a favourite but also one that you can cook with confidence. What better way to say I love you than with your Valentine’s favourite foods?


Romantic dinner or breakfast in bed?

Although generally speaking when you think of a Valentine’s meal it is served as an evening meal, but a romantic breakfast or brunch can be the perfect way to celebrate. A busy schedule may mean that the evening isn’t as convenient or preparing a surprise breakfast for your partner to wake up to may be the perfect way to say Happy Valentine’s Day.

Check out these perfect Valentine’s breakfast recipes to try from @Delishdotcom. Sienna Livemore quips, “V.Day is peak breakfast in bed time.” If you feel inclined, why not spoil yourselves and do both?


Shop in advance

Ensure that you aren’t caught out and left missing a crucial ingredient for the big day. Choose to have your online delivery the day before, allowing you time to source the ingredient. With our spacious storage and walk in larder you will have plenty of space to store everything you need for your knockout meal.


Preparation is key

Meal preparation in a bespoke Bryan Turner kitchen is a doddle. Everything has a place, you can quickly locate everything you will need to prepare your culinary creation. We all know that the most time-consuming part of cooking is the preparation. The last thing you will want to be doing is spending your entire evening in the kitchen. By preparing everything in advance, all that will be left to do is to cook.

It can be a romantic activity to prepare food together, it isn’t often that couples have time to enjoy the pleasure of preparing a meal together. Make this the start of your romantic evening and spend some quality time in each other's company. A Bryan Turner kitchen with its natural flow and efficient appliances mean that cooking together will be a breeze.


Top tip: If you want to skip the preparation stage, order fully prepared meals from amazing chefs. Complete with full instructions on cooking and presenting the meals, no one will know that it wasn’t prepared from scratch. We won’t tell.


Clean as you go

Once you have eaten your Valentine’s meal you will want to relax together. Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy as you cook is the best way to ensure that there is minimal cleaning required afterwards. The well thought out design and state of the art appliances featured in a Bryan Turner kitchen make keeping the space clean and tidy effortless.


Set the scene

Create the perfect ambience to enjoy your culinary delights. Soft lighting, well-chosen scents, meaningful music and candlelight conjures up images of a traditional Valentine’s setting.


Embrace the situation

If like many you will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with the kids around, why not get them involved? Depending on their age many children will be enthusiastic to help make their parents' evening lovely. Younger children can help set the table, a task creative kids will embrace. They can even offer a waiter service, creating your very own restaurant right in your kitchen with the most adorable waiters.

With a luxury Bryan Turner kitchen, favorite foods lovingly prepared and the sanctuary of home, eating in is definitely the new eating out. Contact us if you would like to find out more about creating your dream kitchen, give us a call at 01953 660762 and speak to a member of our expert team today or Email us at enquiries@bryanturnerkitchens.com. We look forward to hearing from you.