When you think of a walk-in pantry, do you visualise a full-length, narrow cupboard with wooden shelves on three sides to store your food products and kitchenware?  Whilst this may be the layout of a simple pantry designed with only storage in mind, it does not match the description of a Bryan Turner walk-in pantry.


An extension of your bespoke kitchen

We make it no secret that we specialise in stunning bespoke kitchens that very quickly sit at the heart of the family home.  No two Bryan Turner Kitchens are ever the same because we craft every tiny piece of detail by hand from our very own workshop here in Norfolk.  Adding a type of walk-in pantry, called a butler’s pantry, should be viewed as nothing short of an extension of your bespoke and luxurious Bryan Turner Kitchen.  With a harmonising design and layout, a traditional butler’s pantry will offer plenty of counter space to prepare and plate food, making entertaining your family and dinner guests easy.


Convenient and spacious storage

If it is additional storage you are seeking, then a walk-in pantry will meet your needs.  Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen will quickly set to work in crafting and installing as little or as much storage as you require, without making the pantry feel dark and cramped.  Whether you opt for marble shelving, full size cabinets or something in between, a walk-in pantry is a convenient and spacious storage solution for any home.


Ensuring no space goes to waste

Before you can proceed with your bespoke walk-in pantry, you need to identify the most appropriate place for your pantry to be installed.  This will depend on what purpose your pantry will serve.  A traditional butler’s pantry is often conveniently situated between the kitchen and dining room for a fast and efficient dinner service, whereas a pantry designed for storage and cleaning purposes only will sit well at one end of the kitchen.  No two homes are the same so ultimately, where your pantry is installed comes down to the layout of your property.  However, one thing is for sure, we will utilise the available space to ensure that no space goes to waste.


The finishing touches

No matter what style of walk-in pantry you opt for, we will bring your unique vision to life, so be sure to take your time to come up with a design that is fit for purpose.  Of course, we are experts in our field and will be on hand to offer our advice and guidance to ensure your pantry meets your every need, on both a personal and functional level.  From the lighting to the finishing touches, your pantry will look and feel truly unique and will quickly become that additional room you cannot imagine life without. 

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