When you think of the word ‘bespoke’, what does it mean to you?  Many use the terms ‘bespoke’, ‘custom-made’ and ‘made to measure’ interchangeably and this has created confusion with manufacturers and customers alike.  Let’s take a moment to compare the differences between these commonly used terms.


Custom-made Furniture

Whilst custom-made furniture is manufactured to the customer’s specification, each piece is based on an existing design that is then ‘customized’ according to the customer’s preferences.  An example of customization is choosing cupboard doors in a different shade or wood stain, or opting for wooden knobs instead of metal handles.  Although the customer may consider the furniture to be personal to them, custom-made furniture does not match the description of bespoke furniture.       


Made to Measure Furniture

Made to measure furniture does not bear the same meaning as bespoke furniture either.  A piece of furniture that is made to measure is based on an existing design that is then altered to fit a specified space.  Again, the customer may feel that their furniture is one of a kind, as it has been made to fit the space available, but the same furniture will be available in alternative sizes, so is therefore not a unique design. 


Bespoke Furniture

A bespoke piece of furniture is one that is created from scratch to the customer’s exact specification.  It is a truly unique piece that starts from a drawing on a piece of paper and is made for that one customer only.  From concept through to production, a bespoke manufacturer will bring a customer’s vision to life.  All materials are chosen by the customer, right down to the fixtures and fittings. 


How to Find a Truly Bespoke Kitchen Manufacturer

We have discussed and compared the differences between the terms commonly used by furniture manufacturers.  However, with many manufacturers using the term ‘bespoke’ when in fact they are only offering a ‘custom-made’ or ‘made to measure’ service, how can you be sure that you are dealing with a truly bespoke furniture manufacturer for your new kitchen design? 

First and foremost, truly bespoke manufacturers have no limits.  If a visual of your new kitchen can be transferred onto paper, it can be crafted and brought to life by a bespoke manufacturer.  If the manufacturer is unable to produce a replica of your vision and instead, shows you some existing kitchen designs that can be ‘tweaked’ or ‘altered’, then they are not offering you a bespoke service.


At Bryan Turner Kitchens, we are the true definition of a bespoke kitchen manufacturer.  Our furniture and cabinet makers have years of experience under their belts and take immense pride in hand-crafting unique kitchens that exceed customer expectation.  If you are not sure how you want your new kitchen to look, then that is not a problem.  We will work with you to come up with a design that meets your every need, on every level, because when it comes to bespoke kitchen manufacturing, the options really are endless.  

This is your opportunity to create a kitchen that complements your property and gives you a sense of home.  Whether you are seeking modern and chic or a more traditional design, a Bryan Turner Kitchen is the stuff that dreams are made of. 

For more information about Bryan Turner Kitchen Furniture and accessories, give us a call at 01953 660762 and speak to a member of our expert team today or Email us at enquiries@bryanturnerkitchens.com. We look forward to hearing from you.