Your dream kitchen is something you work hard for and at Bryan Turner Kitchens we want to help you design a beautiful, bespoke handmade kitchen that you, your family and your guests fall in love with.

Helping you to turn your dream kitchen vision into reality is what we do best and here are five things we think you should consider when starting to design your dream kitchen.

Whether you are looking to blend the finest traditional materials with a contemporary twist or looking to transform your space into something truly light and airy, using the areas listed below as a base for your design will help you create a truly memorable kitchen.


Magnificent Flooring 

Finding the right kitchen floor is all about striking the perfect balance between function and style. From traditional steamed and limed natural oak flooring to immediately noticeable travertine tiles we have the widest possible range of kitchen flooring for you to choose from when designing the kitchen of your dreams. There are a multitude of options but none of them compromise on style, durability and splendour. 


Bespoke Furniture

Your dream kitchen should be made individually and be unique to you. From doors and cupboards to incredible islands, making your kitchen furniture bespoke to you is something you simply just cannot replace. We know how good it feels to walk in a kitchen knowing that everything in it is bespoke because no two Bryan Turner kitchens are the same, everything we do is personal and all our furniture is bespoke. Bespoke furniture that leaves a lasting impression is a great addition to any dream kitchen.


Extraordinary Extras

When designing your dream kitchen, you will soon realise that it is the little things that make a big difference. Take the traditional butler’s pantry, it doesn’t just offer quick access to pots, pans and food stuffs but can be a great way of blending traditional and contemporary kitchen design. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a walk-in pantry is just a glorified storage cupboard, a large walk-in pantry complete with a marble shelf can be a great use of your space while giving you all the storage space you need.


Stunning Appliances

Whether you are looking for your appliances to be fully integrated, wall mounted or free standing, selecting the highest quality appliances allow you to combine functionally with splendour.  Our team can help you select high quality appliances including ovens, fridge freezers, wine coolers, dishwashers and induction hobs from brands like Miele and Bora . Whether it is for a big family get together, a dinner party or just a quiet night in a great range of appliances will make preparation and cleaning as easy as can be.


Eye-catching Lighting

Lighting can transform a kitchen, yet it is often one of the most overlooked features when people are designing their dream kitchens. At Byran Turner Kitchens, we believe getting the right amount of natural light in your kitchen requires careful and creative planning to maximse your kitchen's potential. By selecting a blend of general, accent and task lighting we can bring your space to life for any occasion.

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