The majority of our kitchens feature a built-in oven – or two.  Neat and a great use of space, our clients tend to specify built-in cooking appliances even when they might also opt for an Aga and possibly, further built-in appliances.  For example, a steam oven or combination microwave oven.  

So, when it comes to built-in ovens with benefits, what’s best to look for?  Here at Bryan Turner Kitchen Furniture, we tend to specify higher end brands such as Gaggenau and Wolf.  The former, a German brand, is popular with clients that appreciate a precision performance, whilst Wolf, an American brand is also regarded as one of the ‘brands of choice’ amongst those that are serious about their cooking.

There are, of course, other brands to consider.  However, recommended features that will help your very own bake-off include –

  • Generous width – 60cm is standard, but the best built-in ovens, especially if you opt for a semi-professional style, can go as wide as 80cm or 90cm.
  • Intelligent functionality.  Look for ovens such as Gaggenau’s BO450/451, which actually switches off, once your food has reached the correct temperature.  No more underdone disasters!
  • Range of settings.  It’s infuriating to follow a recipe to the last letter, only for an inconsistent oven to ruin things.  The best built-ins should offer a selection of food or dish-specific settings that will all but eliminate such problems.
  • Clever accessories.  Baking stones, for example, will produce perfect pizzas and pastries.
  • Pyrolytic technology – frankly, life is too short to be cleaning ovens!
  • Clean, simple design – smooth surfaces, minimal controls and in some cases, a handleless door will all make for a contemporary appearance and easy cleaning.

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