Most people these days don’t like clutter in their home. Hence the fame of ‘tidy up’ minimalist gurus such as Japan’s Marie Kondo. And her words of wisdom certainly extend to the kitchen as well.

In fact, that has been the case for more than a decade or so now, especially considering the rise in popularity of integrated appliances in kitchens. It’s now possible to conceal almost anything in your kitchen that you would prefer hidden away.

Whether you want to disguise a charging station as a drawer, hide an ugly and cumbersome boiler behind a kitchen cupboard or have a large slide out pantry with an exterior kitchen cupboard door – it’s all possible when there is smart and innovative design applied. BORAs downdraft extractor even does away with the need for a large kitchen extractor hood – which is a bonus for those who like a kitchen island hob.


Benefits of concealed kitchen appliances

Having a fridge, dishwasher or a coffee station concealed behind beautiful wooden or gloss cupboard doors gives your kitchen a streamlined look. And how about a warming drawer, pull-out wine rack or even a microwave inside your kitchen island?

You can even do away with the need for a large cooking range by having oven cabinets or a hob on top of your kitchen island. It not only makes it tidier but also more efficient-looking – and certainly more pleasant to contemplate first thing in the morning when you’re reaching for your first cup of coffee.

It’s also possible to conceal a large stand-alone fridge/freezer by housing it in cabinetry that matches the remaining kitchen cabinetry.

Another bonus of having a kitchen where the appliances are hidden behind cupboards is that it can make a small kitchen feel much larger and airier. And, let’s face it, many New Builds these days aren’t famous for their large room sizes.

Finally, and by no means least, having a kitchen with lots of concealed appliances creates a unique look – especially if it’s been bespoke designed. And, the fact, kitchens are becoming an ever more important living space in our homes these days, that’s a pretty big consideration, really.


Integrated appliances produce a ‘cleaner aesthetic’

Home renovation expert says: “There’s no doubt that when it comes to kitchen appliances, integrating them produces a much more streamlined, cleaner aesthetic. And when selling a home, integrated appliances certainly make a kitchen look more ‘complete.’

“Integrated appliances also give you more design freedom, given you are able to decide what you want to put where and the exact measurements of the appliances, rather than relying on stock-standard sizes.”

The ‘downside’ of integrated and concealed appliances

There are those who don’t like integrated appliances, of course. They argue that if moving home, it’s not possible to take those appliances with you. That’s a fair argument. However, the converse of that is that by leaving quality integrated appliances behind in your kitchen you are adding to the value of it so you will be able to price your home accordingly.

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