When you are choosing your bespoke kitchen from Bryan Turner Kitchens the worktop is one of the most important features. Choosing the right worktop for you will not only complete the look of your kitchen, but will also look fabulous for years to come.

There is a plethora of worktops to choose from, however, depending upon your lifestyle some types are more suitable than others. Maintenance is a huge factor in your choice. Keeping a worktop free from dirt and grime will keep it in its best condition for the duration of your kitchen. Some require more careful maintenance than others so it stands to reason that this should be considered when you make your choice.

Read our guide to find out how to maintain three of the most popular choices of worktops to keep them in optimal condition.



Granite has been a very popular choice for dream kitchens for many years. Owing to its hard-wearing qualities and stunning finish it is easy to see why. Caring for granite is fairly simple too making it the perfect choice for a busy family kitchen.

Granite is stain resistant, however, always wipe spills as soon as they occur. Cleaning a granite worktop should be done with a damp cloth and when needed, a neutral cleaning product.

Never cut directly on a granite worktop. Although it is unlikely that your knife will mark the granite surface you will blunt your knives. The metal from your knife will leave a residue on the surface which is liable to dull the surface over time. Invest in some quality chopping boards and worktop savers.

Always utilize a heat stand to protect your granite surface. Granite is highly resistant to heat, however a drastic change in temperature can cause thermal shock.

Only non-abrasive scourers should be used on your granite worktop. An abrasive scourer will affect the integrity of the surface leaving it vulnerable to damage. Likewise, you should always be mindful of the surface cleaner that you are using. We recommend using a natural stone cleaner if water alone cannot remove the stain.

Finally it is worth noting that granite is particularly susceptible to damage from low or high Ph products. These properties are often found in oven cleaners. Should a spill of this type of product occur, rinse immediately with plenty of cold water to avoid dulling the granite surface.



Like Granite, Quartz is a popular choice for bespoke kitchens. Possessing many of the same qualities of Granite the maintenance regime is largely the same. Low maintenance and hard wearing a Quartz worktop is an excellent choice for a busy family kitchen.

For the most part, wiping down daily with a damp cloth and neutral cleaner will suffice to keep Quartz surfaces looking as gorgeous as the day they were installed.

For more stubborn spills a non-abrasive scourer should be used with a cream cleaner. Never use a natural stone cleaner with Quartz. Such products are not designed for the non-porous surface of quartz. They can leave a nasty build up leaving your surfaces looking dull.

Despite its dense finish, Quartz should never be cut upon directly. Ensure that a chopping board is used at all times if you want to keep your knives sharp and your surfaces beautiful.

Much like Granite, Quartz is highly resistant to heat but can suffer thermal shock. To avoid this utilise heat racks or heat pads for pots, pans and oven trays.

Again, avoid contact with highly acidic or alkaline products, like oven cleaners or sink unblockers. Should this occur, rinse immediately with cold water to avoid permanent damage.



A solid wood worktop is the perfect choice for a traditional kitchen with a cottage feel. There is no argument that wood looks stunning. It is worth noting that since it is a natural material it requires more maintenance to keep it in its best condition.

It is never recommended to cut directly on any work surface. This is particularly true of wood. A sharp knife will score your surface leaving an unsightly mark that will ruin your surface instantly. Take care to always use a chopping board.

Wood isn’t heat resistant. Placing a hot pan or baking tray directly on your wooden surface will almost certainly burn the surface leaving a scorch mark that is often irreparable. Using a trivet is the best way to ensure your wooden worktop is protected from heat.

Unlike other kitchen surfaces wood is prone to splitting if it is left damp or wet. To avoid this it is imperative that any spills are wiped up immediately and never left to soak in. If a cleaner is required we recommend a mild soap. Always ensure that the surface is dried with a second cloth after cleaning is completed. Never use an abrasive cleaner on a wooden worktop.

Finally a wooden worktop will require regular oiling to keep it in tip top condition. The oil restores its natural beauty and acts as a protective water resistant layer. It is easy to see when a wooden worktop requires oiling. Firstly you may notice your wood looking a little dull. Secondly, drip a few drops of water onto the surface. If they form droplets there is sufficient oil on the wood. If they appear to soak in then it is advisable to oil as soon as possible.


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