Our Projects

Broad Lane

Ignite Joy and Delight with an Entertaining Kitchen Experience!

Alburgh Road

Create a Kitchen that Radiates Light and Airiness.

Collens Green

Transform Your Cooking with the Simplicity of a Minimalist Kitchen


Enhance Your Culinary Space with High-Quality Walnut Kitchen.

Cambridge Road

Ignite Your Passion for Cooking with our Vibrantly Rich and Colorful Kitchen.

Peddars Way

Experience the Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality in Your Contemporary Kitchen.

Mill Road

Cook up a storm in your kitchen with an industrial finish!

Chalice Green

Experience the Artistry and Sophistication of a Classic Majestic Kitchen

Church Lane

Embrace the Essence of Simplicity in Your Culinary Haven and Elevate Your Creations

Mellis Road

Achieve Optimal Efficiency and Aesthetics with Height and Light Kitchen.

Crown Farm Barn

Where rustic charm meets culinary creativity under the rafters